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Ivo Perelman

Giulia Millanta

Blogarrhea: A Mountain of Adventurous Music Waiting to be Scaled >>

'Moonbeam Parade' (Ugly Cat) is Giulia Millanta's fifth and best CD. Born and raised in Italy, she's made Texas her home since 2012, writing 13 songs with the cream of the crop from the bands of Dylan, Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson, Robert Palmer and Patty Griffin. She sings her profound lyrics with a bird-with a-broken-wing appeal. You just want to take her home and care for her.

Ivo Perelman

BLOGARRHEA: Synaesthetic Sax Man Ivo Perelman on Smelling Music, Hearing Color and Seeing Smell >>

He's a painter and a prophet. This man named Ivo Perelman, compete with synesthesia, comes from Brazil to blow your mind with six CDs this year alone and 25 CDs over the last five years. Call it Saxarrhea. He goes into the studio with no rehearsal, no written music in hand and barely an idea of where the music will take him. Yet he is one of South America's most respected artists both on a canvas and on a stage. Just no sheet music, please.

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