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Johann Sebastian Bach

Hanging Violins

J. Reilly Lewis, Washington Metro Area Concertmaster and Organist, Dies at 71 >>

Concertmaster and organist J. Reilly Lewis died on Thursday, June 9, at his home in Arlington, Virginia. Lewis was a Bach expert and founded the Washington Bach Constort. He served as music leader at Clarendon United Methodist Church for over 40 years.

Wil B

Black Violin, Classical Hip Hop Duo, Continue to Champion the Arts >>

Violin and viola duo Black Violin are Kev Marcus (Kevin Sylvester) and Wil B (Wilner Baptiste). Together, the pair champion the classical side of hip hop with their unique performances blending seasoned string instrument performance with catchy rap music beats.


Portland Bach Festival Celebrates Classical Music in Maine This Summer >>

The historic town of Portland, Maine, will be celebrating classical music this summer during its premiere Portland Bach Festival.

Alan Warburton Transforms Bach's 'The Well Tempered Clavier' Into 5-Minute Art Piece

Dale Henderson's 'Bach in the Subways 2016' to Run March 19 through 21 >>

Since 2010, cellist Dale Henderson has been dedicated to honoring Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday by performing his work in subways, parks, cafes, bus stops, public spaces, zoos and concerts open to everyone -- all the while declining donations and passing out free souvenir postcards inviting people into the world of classical music. This March 19 through the 21, marks the sixth annual run his of 'Bach in the Subways' in New York, invovling thousands of musicians across the world for a new tradition celebrating Bach's 2016 birthday on the final day of the celebration.

Igor Levit

Russian-German Pianist Igor Levit Releasing J.S. Bach 'Partitas' (BWV 825-830) via Sony Classical on August 25 >>

Hot on the heels of his late Beethoven sonatas debut disc for Sony Classical, pianist Igor Levit is all set to release a second album featuring his recordings of the partitas by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 825-830) on August 25. You'll recall that the 27-year-old Russian-German pianist’s freshman Beethoven made it to No. 46 on Germany's Top 100 album charts.

Bugger Off, Bach: New Music Theory App, Meludia, Channels Colors to Teach a Digital Generation

Bugger Off, Bach: New Music Theory App, Meludia, Channels Colors to Teach a Digital Generation >>

If you're a recurring visitor here on Classicalite, then you may have heard or know a thing or two in dealing with music theory, and if you've ever had the pleasure of sifting through some of its channels, be it modern or coined by the archetypal demigod-slash-bad-ass Johann Sebastian Bach, it's a bit of a read.

Listening to the Bawdy Bellower Nerd: Amusing Anagrams of Famous Composers’ Names >>

Just for fun, we decided to test some anagram generators on the Web by typing in the names of our favorite composers. What hidden meanings might be lurking in these famous names?

Simon Rattle, Berlin Phil Bringing Bach's 'St. Matthew Passion' to Park Avenue Armory for Lincoln Center's White Light Fest >>

So, Bach hated opera because of its lazy audience. And yet his most operatic work, the St. Matthew Passion, constantly engages, asking questions about the role of an audience in that very production. If only there were a Socratic maestro--and a German ensemble--who could highlight such a line of inquiry?

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