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Logan K. Young

John Lurie, 'Bison'

Bison-tennial Man: A John Lurie Print >>

The first piece of art I purchased purely for art's sake was a facsimile (edition of 45) of John Lurie's magnificently stroked 'Bison.' A 21x30 inkjet print on archival rag paper, it's signed by John, too.

William Burroughs

PHOTOS: Cut-Ups - 100 Years of William S. Burroughs at Boo-Hooray >>

Curated by Kevin Young, Johan Kugelberg, Michael P. Daley and Lisa Chinn at Chinatown's Boo-Hooray (in collaboration with Emory University), Cut-Ups celebrates William S. Burroughs' centenary.

Chris Hardwick on @midnight Rags on Organist and

Chris Hardwick on @midnight Rags on Organist and 'Future Uber Driver' Cameron Carpenter in Promo Clip >>

Well, Mr. Cameron Carpenter isn't above anyone in pop culture to be made fun of on late night. In the latest from @midnight, guests Chris Delia and company get a little cheeky with the world-renowned organist, hating on his flamboyant good looks.

Valentina Lisitsa

Classicalite Recording News: Valentina Lisitsa Releases LP of Chopin's 24 & Schumann's Symphonic 'Études' on Decca/Universal >>

With liner notes written by our own editor-in-chief Logan K. Young, the 24 studies of Chopin pair nicely with Schumann's more "symphonic" ones. And you'll want to listen, too, to the five supplementary variations of the latter's Op. 13.

EXCLUSIVE: C-LITE A.V. Club - Q&A Matt Devine/Logan K. Young

EXCLUSIVE: C-LITE A.V. Club - Q&A with Mat Devine & Logan K. Young >>

Wrongchilde frontman Mat Devine and Classicalite editor-in-chief Logan K. Young talk pasts bands like Kill Hannah, Mat's stint on Broadway in Julie Taymor's 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,' as well as his work as writer and blogger. To watch more episodes of C-LITE A.V. Club--including Mat, Neil Popkin and Camille Driscoll (singing Gerard Way's part, no less) on the emotionally charged single "Falling in Love (Will Kill You)"--just click HERE. Before that, though, check out Neil Popkin's solo on the slow-burning, electro-acoustic "Slow."

EXCLUSIVE: Clite A.V. Club Q&A with Logan K. Young & Bach Norwood

EXCLUSIVE: Clite A.V. Club Q&A with Logan K. Young & Bach Norwood >>

Classicalite A.V. Club: Q&A with Logan K. Young & Bach Norwood | Ian Holubiak, editor; Maria Sullivan, producer

Clite A.V. Club: Logan K. Young & Randy Gibson

EXCLUSIVE: Clite A.V. Club (Mini) Wordoku (P) - with Logan K. Young & Randy Gibson >>

Think you can solve this 6x6 grid, 3x2 region mini-Wordoku featuring contemporary classical composers who's last names start with the letter P? (Ian Holubiak, editor; Rob Guarigilia, engineer; Maria Sullivan, producer)

That Devil Music Puts Out 'Best Rock Writing 2014' Anthology

Paperback Writer: That Devil Music Puts Out 'Best Rock Writing 2014' Anthology, Edited by Rev. Keith A. Gordon >>

The aptly named Excitable Press Works has released its latest book. And it's a doozy, let me tell ya. That Devil Music's anthology, Best Rock Writing 2014, features articles honing in on the greater measure of rock crit speak from the last year, including brilliant copy on Big Star, Imagine Dragons, Greg Prevost, Clutch, Emit Rhodes, The Replacements, Jimbo Mathus and other household names.

Wagner @ 200: The Pierre Boulez Project @ 8

Wagner @ 200: The Pierre Boulez Project @ 8 >>

Eight years ago now, man-with-a-plan Josh Ronsen destroyed more than 100 Pierre Boulez records, tapes, CDs and books--ironically enough--at Austin, Texas' Church of the Friendly Ghost. Somewhere in that heap was Logan K. Young's recording of Boulez's 'Parsifal' at Bayreuth. The following missive, printed here for the first time ever, is Young's 2005 letter to Ronsen.

Logan K. Young

Jazz Poetry Appreciation Month: Logan K. Young, 'The Beautiful, Nuyorican W.C.' >>

Sure, April is Jazz Appreciation Month, but it's National Poetry Month, too. So, to celebrate BOTH words and music, Classicalite's featuring that verse which has made jazz AND poetry what they are today. The crescendo will continue on through April 30--International Jazz Day.

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