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The Fleetingness of Times: An Account of Trials and Tribulations Affecting Ballet Dancers From the Eyes of Morgan Sykes

The Fleetingness of Time: Morgan Sykes' Account of Ballet Dancers, from Oxford American >>

Perhaps it's the fleetingness of time, the small-window of youth that can allow for some to find fulfillment or success that is dated almost entirely on the continuation of their bodies--and sometimes even their brain. If you can argue that athletics are an art form then you can begin to equate the strain players endure on a rigorous daily regiment. And if you want to take this conversation further, then almost double goes for ballet dancers.

Get Ispirato! Series Premieres The McCrary Sisters as they Perform Rendition of 'Hallelujah' from a FIAT

Get Ispirato! Series from Oxford American Finds The McCrary Sisters Performing 'Hallelujah' in a FIAT >>

Like the Black Cab Sessions that feature popular and obscure artists performing songs in the back of cab, so is the Oxford American series which features a similar kind of ensemble. And this week, the McCrary Sisters took to a FIAT and got some tunes stirring for our enjoyment.

The Art of the Hang: Tommy Womack Talks His Nashville Manual for Stardom to Oxford American >>

Let's change gears for a second. In fact, let's hop on another train and take it further south, from the Big Apple to Music City, Tenn. Yes, I am speaking of none other than the heel-toe clicking Nashville--city of lights, dreams and music.

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