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Spanish Singer Soraya Performs 'Babypod' Concert, Markets World's First Intra-Vaginal Speaker >>

Every few months, the same issue is called into question. The Mozart theory. We've all read the stats: playing Mozart--or any piece of music--to an unborn baby could make them smarter, more agile, more emotionally intelligent, etc. In reality, every time the subject comes up, a barrage of counter-studies are published to dispel these theories as bogus or at least highly subjective. Nevertheless, the myth continues to survive and thrive on an irresistible marketing trap fueled by mothers who are determined to dote on their child before they're even born. Enter the Babypod, the world's first "intra­-vaginal speaker designed to broadcast music inside the womb to an unborn baby.” On December 29th, Spanish Singer Soraya performed a concert to market the device to prospective moms.

‘Rizzoli and Isles’ Season 5 Plot Preview and Spoilers:Will Pregnant Jane Keep Baby? >>

Season 5 of TNT's 'Rizzoli and Isles' is just around the corner, and the spoilers keep coming. Last week the network released the new season’ official plot synopsis and now it has been confirmed that Jane Rizzoli is in fact pregnant. However, weather or not she is going to keep the baby is a different question.

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