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RareNoise Records

Free Nelson MandoomJazz

REVIEW: Free Nelson MandoomJazz, 'The Organ Grinder,' RareNoise Records >>

Free Nelson MandoomJazz is a punk-jazz-metal alternative from Scotland who have been freaking people out since 2013's 'The Shape of DoomJazz To Come/Saxophone Giganticus' and their 2014 'Awakening of a Capital' follow-up. Rebecca Sneddon, Colin Stewart and Paul Archibald are musical anarchists. It's safe to assume you have never heard anything like 'The Organ Grinder' (RareNoise Records).

WorldService Project

REVIEW: WorldService Project, 'For King & Country,' RareNoise Records >>

One cannot possibly describe the action going on during WorldService Project's 'For King & Country' on London's RareNoise Records. It's inexplicable, outrageous and dares you not to like it. But if you're like me, born into rock and raised on fusion, metal, the avant-garde, King Crimson and Led Zeppelin, there's something about these eight blasphemies that will appeal to your sense of rebellion.

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