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EXCLUSIVE: Nico Muhly on Bedroom Whale Watching, Nadia Sirota's Friendship, Diving with Joanna

EXCLUSIVE: Classicalite Q&A with Nico Muhly >>

With Nadia Sirota finishing up her much-anticipated residency at Symphony Space, so, too, has her latest episode of WQXR-Q2's Meet the Composer podcast just wrapped with everyone's favorite working composer, Nico Muhly. And for their parts together, Sirota and Muhly will soon be packing up to hit the road with one of our own favorite working composers' collective, Iceland's Bedroom Community--for the third iteration of their grand "Whale Watching Tour."

Robert Sirota

EXCLUSIVE: Classicalite Q&A with Robert Sirota >>

With both European bona fides (that Watson fellowship with Nadia Boulanger in Paris) and studies with composers that can sound European (those PhD lessons with Leon Kirchner at Harvard), American composer Robert Sirota remains precisely that: a quintessentially American composer. In his mature works, thorny chromaticism often plays nicely within rounded, deliberate forms. And there's always a true economy of means -- no motive where none intended. European-inspired, maybe, but his is a curious blend, no doubt informed by Sirota's many academic appointments up and down America's eastern seaboard (NYU, BU, Peabody, Manhattan School of Music). Not that Robert Sirota is an ivory tower, himself. Case in point: Sirota's brand new, beguiling work for Sandbox Percussion, Spindrift.

Minnesota Orchestra Music Director Osmo Vänskä and Concertmast Erin Keefe Engaged After 15-Month Labor Dispute

Minnesota Orchestra Music Director Osmo Vänskä and Concertmaster Erin Keefe Engaged After 15-Month Labor Dispute >>

It was announced earlier this week via Facebook that Minnesota Orchestra music director, Osmo Vänskä, and concertmaster Erin Keefe are engaged. An office romance indeed.

Leonidas Kavakos Sues California Violion Shop Gevorkian Nazareth over $80,000 Broken Bow

Leonidas Kavakos Sues Gevorkian Nazareth Over $80K Broken Bow >>

Breaking the bow of violinist Leonidas Kavakos has landed a violin shop in Burbank, California, in hot water. The shop's owner, apparently, snapped the violinist's bow, which has been appraised at a massive $80,000. From Courthouse News comes a report that the incident happened in January 2013, when Kavakos brought the bow to the professional Gevorkian Nazareth Violins to get to the bottom of a most unnatural bend. Kavakos, thus, claims that once the owner began applying pressure, per WQXR, to "the Henry Bow, at which time the Henry Bow snapped in two pieces." The official complaint was filed last Friday, Jan. 2, in California Superior Court. The case has weight due to Kavakos's international fame, and it claims that Nazareth Mchsi-Gevorkian should have first heated the bow before applying pressure. A critically acclaimed and world-renowned piece, the Joseph Henry bow dates back to 1850. It is of high-class ornamentation, adorned with tortoise shell and silver and, unfortunately, is irreparably damaged. Having paid $77,350 — or 65,000 euros — obviously Kavakos would be a little, uh, perturbed.

Marina Abramović and Igor Levit Announce Park Avenue Armory Performance of Bach December 2015

Marina Abramović and Igor Levit Announce Park Avenue Armory Performance of Bach for December 2015 >>

The young pianist Igor Levit and New York City-based performance artist Marina Abramović will collaborate on an avant-garde presentation of Bach's Goldberg Variations at Park Avenue Armory's Drill Hall in December 2015. As the Armory puts it, the work will reflect on music and will provide an interactive landscape for audience and performer.

Moving Violation: So. Cal Director Yuval Sharon Announces 'Hopscotch: A Mobile Opera for 18 Cars' for the Highway

Moving Violation: Southern California Director Yuval Sharon Announces 'Hopscotch: A Mobile Opera for 18 Cars' for the Highway >>

Subway jazz musicians and "Showtime!" dance stoppers take note: A Southern California director is planning an opera, "Hopscotch: A Mobile Opera for 18 Cars," that takes place inside 18 cars on the streets and highways of Los Angeles.

John Luther Adams

WQXR Hosts John Luther Adams Pre-Release Listening of 'Become Ocean' (Cantaloupe Records) on September 12 >>

Tomorrow, tune in to WQXR as John Luther Adams presents a pre-release listening of his album Become Ocean, to be released on Cantaloupe Records.

WQXR's Newest Installment 'Female Composers' to Premiere on Q2's '24 Hours on the 24th' This August

WQXR's Newest Installment of 'Female Composers' to Premiere on Q2's '24 Hours on the 24th' This August >>

Earlier this summer, WQXR polled a series of listeners asking what their favorite idea would be for a 24-hour, new-music marathon. After a back-and-forth race, the contest concluded that the majority or people wanted Female Composers.

New York Philharmonic Biennial, 'Beyond Recall', to be Streamed via Q2 Music as Part of WQXR's Simulcast

LIVESTREAM: New York Philharmonic Biennial 'Beyond Recall' on WQXR's Q2 Music >>

The New York Philharmonic Biennial program is currently underway and as the title may indicate, Beyond Recall, the performance may not be entirely beyond one's grasp.

Metropolitan Opera Musicians Inch Towards a Strike as Company Refuses to Find Common Ground on Salary Cuts

Trouble in the Pit: Met Opera Musicians Inch Towards Strike, GM Peter Gelb Refusing Common Ground on Salary Cuts >>

The Metropolitan Opera's stuff has been hitting the fan lately. Those financial troubles still threaten to take down the New York City institution. And now, musicians of the opera orchestra may go on strike--if their contract talks with Peter Gelb and Co. should fail.

Black History Month on WQXR: 'I, Too, Sing America: Music in the Life of Langston Hughes' Explores Harlem Poet as Composer >>

In learning about Hughes in school, I had assumed the poet had a penchant for music. But now, courtesy of Classicalite's favorite terrestrial radio station WQXR, we're all made aware that Hughes--yes, a music lover--collaborated with composers and musicians on his work.

Pianist Simone Dinnerstein Will Chat with Nico Muhly, Talks Bach During Google Plus Hangout (Via WQXR) >>

Classical radio station WQXR will host a Google Hangout on air with pianist Simone Dinnerstein, who will play music of J.S. Bach and talk about the composer's music with a group of special guests, including composer Nico Muhly and writer Paul Elie, author of Reinventing Bach.


EXCLUSIVE: Christian Rockafeller @ J&R Computer World's Going Out of Business Sale [PIX] >>

Brick may now have Brooklyn, but I've always had J&R Computer World on Park Row. By far, one of the best emporiums for classical music, jazz and "speciality" records, it's losing the fight against the internet. Woe are we, indeed.

UPDATE: Polish Pianist Rafal Blechacz Receives the 2014 Gilmore Artist Award...and $300,000 >>

UPDATE: Well, it's official now in Kalamazoo. 28-year-old polish pianist Rafal Blechaz (pronounced BLEH-hatch) has received the 2014 Gilmore Artist Award.

LIVESTREAM: One Outstanding Pianist Will Receive the 2014 Gilmore Artist Award (and $300,000) on WQXR >>

Every four years, the Gilmore Artist Award is presented to an international pianist who receives a one-time award of $300,000. The 2014 award will be announced on Wednesday, January 8, during an awards ceremony that will be webcast live on at 5:30 p.m. EST.

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