Starflyer 59 Return at the "Wrongtime," New Album 'Slow' Due This Summer

By Philip Trapp | May 06, 2016 03:29 PM EDT
Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 (Photo : Tooth & Nail Records)

Veteran indie rockers and shoegazing songsmiths Starflyer 59 return this June with new album Slow, their 14th full-length record and first in over three years.

Last week saw the debut of lead single "Wrongtime," a crystalline, uptempo dirge fitting for the bulk of singer-songwriter Jason Martin's post-millennium oeuvre.

Recently reunited with longtime label Tooth & Nail Records, Slow will be the first Starflyer LP for the outfit since 2010's The Changing of the Guard. The band issued their sole self-released (and Kickstarter-funded) album, IAMACEO, in early 2013.

Brandon Ebel, Tooth & Nail founder and longstanding advocate for Starflyer's durable brand of sullen indie rock, spoke of the recent reconciliation:

"I'm honored to be working with Jason again, not only because Jason is one of my best friends, but because Starflyer is easily one of my all-time favorite bands. I truly believe they're one of the most compelling and under-appreciated artists in music."

Starflyer 59 emerged from Southern California in 1993. One of Tooth & Nail Records' first-ever signings, the artist and label grew together as the band evolved from sludgy, feedback-laden alternative rock to dreamy, keyboard-infused indie pop.

For the last decade or more, Starflyer's sound has maintained a relatively steady aesthetic of Martin's robust vocals and layers of shimmering guitar atop the metronomic drive of drummer Trey Many and springy substratum of bassist Steven Dail. Multi-instrumentalist TW Walsh often rounds out the compositions.

Cataloging his life in song since the early '90s, Martin has developed a characteristic compositional style as his output gradually matured from grungy postadolescent break-up songs to austere meditations on love, loss and rising costs:

"It's just different," explains Martin. "The lyrics of this record are more of a reflection on being a middle-aged adult instead of a 20-year-old kid talking about a girl he likes."

The forthcoming release of Slow is preceded by one-off single "Like a Baby," premiered by Midwestern indie label Flannelgraph Records last October.

Slow features eight songs and will be released June 17 on CD, digital and vinyl LP.

Listen to "Wrongtime" below.

UPDATE, 05/20/16: Check out our Exclusive Interview with Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 at our sister site Music Times!

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