Ladies' Code Member Sojung Has 6 More Months of Treatments Following the Death of RiSe and EunB

By Maria Jean Sullivan on Sep 23, 2014 08:29 PM EDT

Following the tragic loss of Ladies' Code members RiSe and EunB, doctors estimate Sojung will require six more months of treatments to recover.

"She received a huge shock and is suffering a lot after the deaths of her group mates RiSe and EunB,” said a representative for Polaris Entertainment. “I don't think she fully grasps their loss yet. In order to overcome her trauma, it will be important to watch over Sojung,” they continued.

Sojung has suffered severe injuries as a result of the van she was travelling in colliding into a guardrail. Although the idol has already undergone several surgeries including one to fix her broken jawline; more surgeries may be necessary to fully bring her up to speed.

Their record label Polaris Entertainment released a statement post accident on the super group’s health status: “After a schedule in Daegu on September 2, Ladies' Code was headed back to Seoul,” said Polaris Entertainment. “Around 1:30 a.m. in Suwon, an issue occured with the car′s back wheel coming off. With the rainy road and wheel coming off, the vehicle spun several times, hitting a guardrail.”

Fellow Ladies Code members Ashley and Zuny remain hospitalized for monitoring as well. Neither girl suffered serious injuries during the car accident. However, the shock of the events has put a huge strain on their physical and mental state.

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