Andy Cohen Talks Lady Gaga Peeing, John Mayer and Katy Perry Dating Breakup on Stern [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Nov 15, 2014 07:32 PM EST

Andy Cohen recently appeared on Howard Stern, and the first openly gay late night host didn't hold back. Cohen told Stern that Lady Gaga once peed in a trashcan on the set of his hit show, and also spoke about what it was like to spend the night with John Mayer. Though he and John spoke about his dating breakup with Katy Perry, Cohen refused to comment about what was said.

In typical Stern fashion, the show started off with a bang. When Andy was asked about the time Lady Gaga peed in a trashcan on the set of Watch What Happens Live, Cohen spoke about what led up to

"She didn't want to go through the office-there is this whole office you have to go through. It's kind of a screwed up setup. She would have had to clomp through all these people...She had to go, so she just p***ed in this trashcan...listen, if she took a crap in the trashcan, I would have thought it was I had this PA take her urine and I said, 'you know what would be funny...we have all of this pop culture memorabilia in the clubhouse, like Lindsay Lohan's cigarette butt.'"

Later, Howard asked Andy if he was a fan of Madonna, because (according to Stern) he wrote an unfavorable passage about Madge in his new book. Cohen defended his statement, claiming that he was pleased when Madonna sang along loudly to her own song at a party:

"I say there was a moment in time that was amazing for me. I happened to look across the room and see one of her songs were on, and I saw her kind of mouthing the song. It was sort of joyous for me. I write about her in a very celebratory manner."

Things took a surprising turn when Andy revealed that he once spent the weekend with John Mayer. According to Cohen, he may be asked back, because Andy is the perfect houseguest:

"He's got a home in Montana, it has a recording studio in it. I was there for a weekend. It was great. He had said to me a few times, 'Yeah, you should come.' I typically don't take people up on that...but it came at a time when I was off work...I'm a great houseguest...So, I said to him, 'I've got work, so you can do what you want, because I have to work too.'"

But when Howard asked about Andy and John's conversation about Katy Perry, the outspoken host seized up:

"That's not in the book. That's where I draw the line. I can talk about him making me omelets but not this."

What do you think about the latest comments? Do you think Andy went too far with his new book? Are you a fan of Howard Stern?

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