Married Halle Berry and Husband Olivier Martinez Punish Ex-Boyfriend Gabriel Aubry for Racist Haircut? [NEWS UPDATE]

By Shane Jordan on Dec 05, 2014 10:14 PM EST

Friends of Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, seem convinced that the Extant star's allegations that the Canadian model restyled their nine-year-old daughter's hair out of racial malice is as ridiculous as it is transparent. According to the latest gossip news updates, the real reason that Cat Woman is making such a big stink has more to do with Aubry's refusal to let little Nahla move to France permanently after Berry married French actor Olivier Martinez last year. Word has it that the constant court battling over child support and who can or can't cut the little girl's hair won't really be over until an exhausted and defeated Gabriel finally gives sole custody of his child to a woman that wants to take her more than an ocean away.

After Halle Berry took former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry to court for supposedly having his 9-year-old daughter's hair lightened and straightened, a judge ruled that neither parent could alter the child doo; so now Nahla has to presumably let it grow until she is legally old enough to go to a barber shop by herself.

One might not count that as one for Halle's win column unless you believe that her only real goal is to make Aubry absolutely miserable any and every way she can.

A friend of Gabe's that seems to subscribe to that very theory claimed in Star Magazine's latest December 16, issue that Berry's using their baby to bully Aubry into submission was as transparent as it was disgusting:

"Gabriel loves his daughter very much and has no problem with her African American heritage.

"Halle was denied her request to move Nahla out of the country...Since then, she's been doing everything to make Gabriel's life a living hell.

"In reality, Halle is only hurting Nahla more by putting her in the middle of her battle with Gabriel."

Gabriel has insisted all along that he never put any chemicals in his daughter's hair in the first place -- a story that TMZ seems all too happy to corroborate:

"It was all courtesy of a blow dryer.

"What's more, we're told Gabriel thinks Halle is being ridiculous and is just trying to keep the custody war going over nothing."

Ridiculous or not -- Halle claimed in her court documents obtained by Star that she too heard Aubry's tales; so, she decided to send it to her own experts for super-scientific testing:

"I have since reviewed the laboratory report concerning this very hair sample that I obtained, which confirms that Gabriel has not been truthful about what he has our daughter's hair."

When you are talking about the hair sample that you have taken from your happy and healthy daughter, just to win a fight with your ex...that should be a clear indicator that things have progressed far past the point where either one of you could be considered the good parent.

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