WWE Superstar Sheamus Spends Thousands on 'Back to the Future' DeLorean; Is the Celtic Warrior a Nerd?

By Quinton Robinson on Dec 29, 2014 03:19 PM EST

Stephen Farrelly, also know by his ring name Shaemus, is one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the WWE. A more personal side of "The Celtic Warrior" was recently brought into the light after the superstar purchased a rare DeLorean. The desire to acquire such an iconic pop-culture symbol has made fans wonder if there is a fellow nerd buried under Shaemus' tough physique.

Before he joined the WWE, Farrelly was a two-time international Heavyweight Champion with the Irish Whip Wrestling. Later, he held the Heavyweight Championship once and the WWE United States Championship twice.

Shaemus is also remembered for wining the 2010 King of the Ring tournament and the 2012 Royal Rumble.

The Irishman has more than earned his keep in the American wrestling giant the WWE. Moreover, fans have really started to invest themselves in Shaemus' character and personal life.

In turn, it made the ears of his followers perk up when TMZ reported that he coughed up a chunk of change for a classic DeLorean:

"WWE superstar Sheamus may not be a champ anymore, but he's still living like one -- dropping a bundle on the crown jewel for all exotic car lovers ... who also happen to love "Back to the Future."

Our sources tell us the Celtic Warrior went searching for a DeLorean last weekend -- and hit up Just Toys Classic Cars in Orlando for a test drive. He clearly fell in love with it on the spot ... 'cause he scooped it up for around $55K."

The site also points out that it is, "Unclear if Seamus is a Future fanatic ... but he can forget about a road trip to 1955."

It is not such a stretch to believe the Celtic Warrior is a bit of a nerd on the inside. According to Bleacher Report, he even has a bit of a poindexter-like past:

"He lived the nerd life for a while. From 1999-2007 Sheamus worked for a few different IT companies including Symantec and Hartford Life in Dublin. While working his IT jobs he made CAT-5 cables and used Ghost to image machines."

So, does this news change your opinion of the Celtic Warrior? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below.

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