Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Odd Penchant for Toilet Humor Brought to Light in Letter to Cousin Maria Anna Thekla Mozart

By Ian Holubiak on Jan 29, 2015 09:39 AM EST

It is no secret that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a cheeky badass. His odd penchant for toilet humor was rampant in many of his letters to family members. This is starkly obvious in a letter to his cousin Maria Anna Thekla Mozart, who is also considered his "love interest."

In a recent post by Marcie Gainer on Disinformation, Mozart finds it funny to talk about how he defecates. And since we here at Classicalite are not above toilet humor, none is more perfect than Amadeus's use of fowl language to express his bowel movements.

Crass, indeed, but we have a preview of the text for you below:

"And now I must close and that makes me morose. Dear Herr Uncle, shall we go quickly to the Holy Cross Covent and see whether anybody is still up?-we won't stay long, just ring the bell, that's all. Now I must relate to you a sad story that happened just this minute. As I am in the middle of my best writing, I hear a noise in the street. I stop writing-get up, go to the window-and-the noise is gone-I sit down again, start writing once more-I have barely written ten words when I hear the noise again-I rise-but as I rise, I can still hear something but very faint-it smells like something burning-wherever I go it stinks, when I look out the window, the smell goes away, when I turn my head back to the room, the smell comes back-finally My Mama says to me: I bet you let one go?-I don't think so, Mama."

So with a nod to Gainer and the text she pulled from, Mozart's Letters, Mozart's Life: Selected Letters and a post on Letters of Note, see the rest of the post here.

And for now, get a grip with some clips from Amadeus below:

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