Pharrell Williams and Chinese Piano Master Lang Lang Team Up for a 'Minor' Performance of "Happy"

By Ian Holubiak on Feb 09, 2015 03:49 PM EST

There is always a special fondness for the collaborative performances at the Grammys -- since this year's awards were a gawk fest over Sam Smith -- were you really surprised? But while the performance may have been in the minor, Chinese piano master Lang Lang and Pharrell Williams delivered a major performance of the award-winning "Happy."

Music's biggest night out was kicked off by Aussie rockers AC/DC -- special thanks to whoever turned Angus Young's guitar to 11 -- who brought some of their old hits to a new stage.

But in the midst of the awards giveaway, an intricately costumed Pharrell Williams began to sing a dark and twisted version of his critically acclaimed "Happy." Adorned with yellow shoes and surrounded by yellow violins, the Mickey Mouse-esque Pharrell seemed to find trouble reaching the key.

When the song broke out into its normal register, though, the audience and venue exploded. Not before, however, Lang Lang made an appearance with a most masterful piano run. Just like he did with Metallica at last year's event, he added a classical flare to a seemingly "out-of-left-field" composition.

So while legal action pending against the heavyweight Sam Smith -- which brings to light the issue of "Stay with Me" in regards to "Won't Back Down," which are fundamentally the same song -- some of us can rest in the sonic value of an unparalleled performer like Lang Lang juxtaposed with another talent, Pharrell.

While others still squabble over Tom Petty being shafted in the acceptance speech.

But, nevertheless, hats off to the winners.

Here is a sample of the performance below:

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