‘Cat Daddy’ Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr Replacement Charlotte McKinney Says Dad Loves Bikini Commercial [VIDEO NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on Feb 23, 2015 03:25 PM EST

There is no doubt that 'Cat Daddy' dancer and Sports Illustrated bikini model, Kate Upton, absolutely paved the way for curvier models like Charlotte McKinney to ever have the hope of getting next to naked to sell burgers in a new Carl's Jr fast food commercial, but Charlotte is proud to reveal that her family has been behind her 100 percent long before Justin Verlander's sex-symbol girlfriend starting changing America's attitude about beauty. According to the latest gossip news updates, Charlotte even insists that her own father absolutley loves watching the risqué burger ad.

 Buxom blonde bombshell, Charlotte McKinney claims that the stereotype of a reluctant father suffering in silence while his baby girl makes her money off of showing her body to complete strangers doesn't apply to her dad.

While her recent Carl's Jr burger commercial appearance was enough to stop hearts and bring strokes to the dear ole dads of yore, 21-year-old Charlotte explained to People that her father thinks the fast food spot is terrific:

"People will be like, 'Oh your dad saw it?' and I'm like, of course my dad saw it!

"He friggin' loved it!

"My dad gets a kick out of anything like that."

According to McKinney, her whole family had no problem showing tons of support for her burger debut -- even the ones old enough to remember voting for FDR:

"They're my No. 1 fans, so they just freaked out and called all their friends.

"Even my grandfather who's in his 90s got to see it. They all loved it."

While Kate Upton seems more than happy to serve as the new archetype of what the perfect body is supposed to look like, the 22-year-old supermodel recently reminded her fellow celebs that if they are still using photoshop than it doesn't really count (via Inquisitr):

"Take Instagram. I want to post a #wokeuplikethis photo and have it be what I actually look like waking up.

"If you're touching up your photo or putting on makeup before taking a #wokeuplikethis picture, what does that say?

"If we all toned it down a bit, and weren't retouching our own photos so much, that might send a message."

It's like Kate Upton may be the Noam Chomsky of the modeling world on top of being the sexiest woman to ever have lived.

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