Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Divorce News: ‘AGT’ Husband Removes Wife Back Tattoo after Court Battle Heats Up? [GOSSIP UPDATE]

By Shane Jordan on Mar 15, 2015 08:16 PM EDT

Mariah Carey may have sold their Bel Air home behind his back, but Nick Cannon is reportedly having the last laugh -- showing off the new ink he got to cover up the once giant tattoo of his soon-to-be ex-wife's name on his back. According to the latest gossip news, the gloves are finally coming off in the divorce between the America's Got Talent host and the "Heroes" singer. Word has it that Nick is filing a lawsuit against Mariah -- claiming she sold the home they once shared in Beverly Hills without so much as consulting him. Nick seems to have retaliated, however, showing off the gigantic cover-up he got on his back to hide the oversized tatt of Carey's names the following week.

Shortly after breaking the news about their separation, Nick Cannon made a big deal about how he and Mariah Carey would always remain close for their children's sake, but word has it things may not end so amicably after all.

Multiple outlets reported earlier in the week that Cannon was taking legal action against Mariah and her business manager, Michael Kane, who Nick reportedly accuses of masterminding the secret sale of their Beverly Hills home.

It was revealed by TMZ that Nick wants answers as to why a mansion that was on the market for just a hair under $13 million sold for so much less:

"Cannon says he never authorized the $9 million sale of the Bel-Air home he and Carey used to share, and believes biz manager Michael Kane was dealing exclusively with her people on the deal.

"He says he didn't find out about this until after the fact."

Mariah may still be able to control a few of their assets by herslef but Cannon's body is all his own once again -- a fact driven home by the unveiling his giant new tattoo on his back covering the spot that once bore her name in giant letters.

Cannon decided to cover over his ex's name instead of just having it removed, reports a rep with Inked Magazine, who covered the tattoo transformation, because Nick doesn't believe in white washing his past (via People):

"People suggested he laser it off, but instead he decided to cover it up with a back piece including Jesus on the cross and portraits of his twins.

"So in lieu of erasing what happened between he and Mariah, Nick left it on his skin but had a tattoo applied over it as in he's over the relationship but doesn't deny that it was a part of his journey."

With a giant new tattoo to pay wonder Nick Cannon is worried about losing out on his half of 4 more million dollars.

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