Mariah Carey Divorce News: Husband Nick Cannon Dating Jessica White [UPDATE]

By Shane Jordan on Mar 21, 2015 06:44 PM EDT

While the tabloids may be quick to paint Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's divorce as descending into a bitter court battle over properties and child custody, the America's Got Talent host seemed anything but angry when he talked about the split with Andy Cohen. According to the latest gossip news updates, the "Hero" singer's soon-to-be ex-husband's new girlfriend is also careful not to bring any unnecessary drama to the mix. The Wild N' Out rapper is reported dating 30-year-old model ansd aspiring recording artist, Jessica White, who wants to make sure Cannon and Carey's problems don't get blamed on her.

With all the talk about their divorce turning ugly, Watch What Happens Live! host, Andy Cohen, didn't shy away from asking Nick Cannon if Mariah Carey was calling him a cheater when she changed the words to "Don't Explain" in concert several months ago.

Not skipping a beat, however, Nick pointed out that the adlib probably didn't have any real meaning outside of that moment -- especially not relating to him (via NY Daily News):

"But weren't (those) the lyrics already? She just added the 'motherf--ker' to it.

"Was I the mother F'er?"

"I don't believe that was about me."

Proving that he is still a nice guy, no matter what the tabloids say about him, Cannon even went out of his way to insist that Mariah Carey's universal panned Glitter was a good movie in his humble opinion (via People):

"We watched that movie together.

"First of all, I loved it so much before I got married and then, you know, she actually doesn't like it -- she's told you that -- but I actually really like it!"

All one has to be is take a look at the woman that Nick is said to be dating to understand his very Zen like approach to uncoupling from Mariah.

Even better for Cannon, a source close to new flame, Jessica White, told E! News that the hard working model in no way wants to bring any unnecessary drama into the situation:

"They been spending lots of time together and Nick really enjoys Jessica's free spirit and easy going attitude for life."

"Jessica fully respected Nick's relationship and would never get in between anything with them.

"When Nick was going through his breakup Jessica was there for him as a friend."

According to the informant, this new relationship seems just as centered on Nick's role as music industry mentor as his reported tryst with Amber Rose:

"Jessica been in the studio lately and Nick has been very supportive with her focusing on her music career and giving her some great pointers and direction as she explores her talents."

Seems like Nick Cannon spends all his time these days either making love or making money.

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