ICYMI: Roomful of Teeth 'Render' Album Trailer, Angela Lansbury Finally Wins (Supporting) Olivier, Meredith Monk's Excellent Weirdness, Jazz Wrestling Videos

By Classicalite Newsdesk on Apr 14, 2015 09:59 PM EDT

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Here, then, is Classicalite's In Case You Missed It...

Roomful of Teeth's sophomore album, Render, is out April 28 via New Amsterdam Records. And, quote, "this video is about slow bubbles in Florence and the release of Roomful of Teeth's sophomore album, Render." So, watch the beguiling two-minute album trailer above, go watch the Classicalite premiere of RoT's first-ever music video for William Brittelle's "High Done No Why To" and then, of course, pre-order Render on Bandcamp.

Dame Angela Lansbury wins first Olivier Award, aged 89 [BBC, Rebecca Williams]

"Dame Angela Lansbury picked up her first Olivier award after a 40 year absence from the West End."

On 50 Years of Meredith Monk’s Excellent Weirdness [Vulture, Justin Davidson]

"Meredith Monk has spent 50 years producing a familiar kind of strangeness, uttering sounds you’ve never heard before but that seem to have been in the air for eons. Occasionally she sings words and phrases, more often just indeterminate shreds of language like something heard in a dream. At 72, she remains a straight-backed pixie with two-foot pigtails and precise but slightly awkward movements. Her pliable, silver-toned voice can still trip lightly off a consonant or ricochet from angry buzz to high hoot to chesty growl, or disappear into a vocal weave."

Finally, for no real reason at all, enjoy some of Ben Kolak's, um, "jazz wrestling."

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