Howard Stern on Scientology: Discusses Kirstie Alley, Not Weight, but Attack of Leah Remini Facebook

By Jonathan Lambert on Jul 17, 2013 02:33 PM EDT

Howard Stern spent a good portion of his day discussing Scientology and Kirstie Alley. Not only has Alley gained a ton of weight, but she also attacked Leah Remini for leaving the super-secretive “church.”

Stern opened up his legendary morning talk-show discussing the Leah Remini story that made waves last week.

In case you missed it, the longtime Scientologist has broken her ties with the religion that believes in aliens. 

For his part, Howard just couldn’t contain his excitement:

“You know what story is fascinating me...the Leah Remini. Do you know about this? She used to be on King of Queens. You’d have to talk to Leah, you know? But what I’m reading is that Leah was a Scientologist and a couple of years ago--I guess it was at Tom Cruise’s wedding, that’s how long ago it was--the leader of Scientology is there, the guy who runs the thing, and Leah Remini walks up to him and says, ‘Where’s your wife been?’ Because she hadn’t seen her in years. And some other Scientology dude says to her, ‘Hey! Don’t ask those kind of questions in the military. She asked where David’s wife was because, evidently, no one has seen her since 2006. And they got upset about it.”

Stern went on to break down the retaliation Leah Remini is facing, care of plus-sized model Kirstie Alley:

“So, Leah said, ‘This is ridiculous, I’m quitting.’ Which is a good idea. Well, now the Scientologists--who shouldn’t even care too much--get freaked out anytime someone leaves. Now, Kirstie Alley is going public and has told everyone to unfriend Leah Rimini on Facebook, to me which is like third grade. If someone leaves the religion, they are shunned. And they’ve enlisted Kirstie Alley to go around and rag her.”

Howard concluded his rant by discussing how the Co$ reacts when members want to leave:

“You shouldn’t even care if someone leaves your religion, but Scientologists care so much. Anyway, I hope Leah comes on. I’d like to talk to her about this. It says she was tortured because she asked where the leader’s wife is. They always have this kind of f---ed up stuff going on. And if you are sitting there smugly saying your religion is better than Scientology, you need to take a look at it. Your religion isn’t that much more advanced than Scientology.“

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