Ellen DeGeneres Wife Portia De Rossi Saves Marriage with Divorce Arrangement?

By Shane Jordan on May 04, 2015 08:47 PM EDT

After months of the tabloids insisting that Portia de Rossi was once again more than ready to divorce her day time talk show host wife, Ellen DeGeneres, since finding her sea legs on the set of Scandal, it's being reported that the couple's marriage may be stronger than ever thanks to already having ironed out all their divorce plans in advance of an acutal breakup. According to the latest gossip news updates, Portia and Ellen have signed a postnuptial agreement, designed to force the relationship to better conform to her demands now, in order to avoid an expensive split of the net worth later. Word has it that Portia biggest complaint is that Ellen, who just sold another new show to Netflix, works too hard to really be fully present in their relationship.

Whether you believe it or not is another matter, but Ellen DeGeneres divorce to Portia de Rossi has been said to be near imminent for more than a year.

One source claims in the May 11, issue of Star Magazine, however, that the couple have once again got everything back on track thanks to a long and hard legal discussion ironing out the exact parameters of any future divorce settlement:

"Portia was ready to throw the towel in and call it quits, but Ellen begged her not to, even suggesting they renew their vows.

"Portia agreed on the condition they get a postnup."

According to the informant, de Rossi's biggest stipulation is that Ellen agree to at least two weekend getaways a month, plus four vacations a year:

"The biggest issue they have is how much time they spend together.

"Ellen's a career obsessed person and perfectionist.

"This leaves Portia feeling like Ellen is married to her job and not her!"

It may be hard for Ellen to ultimately keep her word about taking so much time off for work given the sheer volume of shows she'll be producing over the next few years.

The new TV series adaption of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Hams that she is currently executive producing for Netflix, for instance,  is said by Deadline  reporter Nellie Andreeva to be one of the most ambitious projects of its kind ever to be conceived:

"The series was taken out to one place only, Netflix, as I hear the team felt that was the only place that could do the series at the budget and timetable (3 years of production) needed for them to fully realize their vision.

"Numbers are kept under wraps but I have heard $5-6 million an episode mentioned.

"The project, distributed by Warner Bros. TV, is expected to be the highest-end, most expensive animated program ever produced for television."

With that kind of pressure to make sure the show is a success, Portia might want to cut back on the 84 vacation/getaways that she reportedly has planned between now and Green Eggs and Ham's scheduled 2018 premiere date.

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