New 2015 'Dragon Ball' Anime, Movie Release Date Revealed

By Thomas Swan on May 14, 2015 12:18 PM EDT

Dragon Ball Super, the first new Dragon Ball anime, has been confirmed for a July release in Japan. Now a new report suggests that Toei Animation, the maker, is looking to do a run of between 100 and 200 episodes, as well as a manga series. This is extremely rare for a new series, the website The Inquistr notes, as anime are usually confirmed for short seasons and renewed annually.

Toei, however, is banking on the series' fame and is pushing for, at the very least, a 100 run episode with an option for another 100 should the series prove popular with fans

Fuji TV producer, Osamu Nozaki, had this to say about the material he received from series creator Akira Toriyama, "As I read the plot of the series I received from Toriyama, my dreams for this began to expand."

Stronger enemies could be on the horizon for the Dragon Ball Crew and, with the success of the recent film Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F, Broly, an old enemy, may well.

News in the Dragon Ball world is all positive of recent. The aforementioned Revival of F broke a previous box office recordi in a mere 19 days, taking in 3.1 billion yen (roughly $26 million dollars). This success almost guarantee's Toei will be dealing from a position a power. To further underline that fact is the fact that Dragon Ball continues to outperform contemporaries Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece at the box office

The English release of the film is in the process of being dubbed by Funimation Studios and is set for U.S. release sometime this summer and, for once, will contain the original Japanese music left intact. Funimation always does a top notch job in all their projects and there is little doubt this will be another example.

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