Ellen DeGeneres Wife Portia de Rossi to Split after Anna Kendrick Visit?

By Shane Jordan on May 14, 2015 06:38 PM EDT

Just a few short weeks ago it was being reported that daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres' marriage to Portia de Rossi was back on track thanks to a new highly punitive postnuptial agreement, but word has it that once again black clouds are gathering on the horizon. According to the latest gossip news updates, Ellen's public blowouts with the Scandal actress have most folks convinced that her wife will soon be demanding a divorce. The 57-year-old comedienne turned bigtime TV producer looked to be as happy as ever , however, the other day talking about Katy Perry's enormous boobs with Pitch Perfect 2 beauty Anna Kendrick.

Despite the recent news that Ellen DeGeneres relationship was once again on the upswing after supposedly working out the pesky details of an ironclad postnuptial agreement meant to make both parties focus more on keeping their marriage vibrant and happy, the couple now scaring friends with their emotional outbursts.

A source claiming to be close to the couple reveals in the May 25, issue of In Touch Weekly that things got particularly ugly one day recently when Portia made the mistake of treating Ellen's staff like people instead of indentured servants:

"Ellen and Portia's marriage still has many cracks.

"Ellen's teams come to do her hair and Portia asked them if they wanted water.

"Ellen ripped into her, screaming, 'Don't offer them water! We already offered!'...Everyone was in shock."

According to the informant, DeGeneres has been micromanaging her wife for years, much to the chagrin of their friends, who don't fully understand why Portia puts up with it:

"Ellen controls Portia. No one knows why she puts up with it.

"Their relationship is so unhealthy."

If Ellen is on the precipice of divorce, she sure didn't seem to be letting it get to her while recently talking to Anna Kendrick on her talk show.

During a game in which Ellen and Anna took turns making up captions for absurd photographs, she seemed to second DeGeneres' speechless assertion that Katy Perry's breasts are as mind-boggling as they are magnificent (via Gossip Cop):

"Ellen DeGeneres expressing the inner feelings of every man, women, and child in America."

That's right -- no matter how bad things get between Ellen and Portia, no one will ever be able to take away that happy day at the 2013 Grammy's wherein they openly ogled Katy Perry's boobs together.

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