'About Bruce' Jenner Trans Special: Women's Clothing and Name Revealed?

By Jonathan Lambert on May 16, 2015 03:51 PM EDT

Bruce Jenner made history when he revealed to Diane Sawyer that he is transitioning into a female. Since the two-hour interview aired, it was announced that E! would be airing their own special, called About Bruce. Although little details have been released about the upcoming show, which debuts on Sunday, many are wondering if we'll catch a glimpse of Bruce in women's clothing or learn of "her's" name.

Kardashian fans will be glued to their television sets this Sunday at 9:00 p.m., when E! will be airing part one of their special, Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce.

Many are wondering if Bruce will reveal the name of "her" -- the word Bruce Jenner has chosen to refer to his true being as, however, viewers may have to wait until the official docuseries airs this summer.

Still, we may have been given a clue to the name by Bruce's ex-wife, Linda Thomson, who recently penned an essay about Bruce for Huffington Post:

"Bruce considered traveling out of the country, possibly to Denmark, to have the gender-confirmation surgery and then come back to the U.S. identifying as female. I asked Bruce, 'What about the children?' He thought maybe he could reenter their lives as 'Aunt Heather'...As devastated as I was, my heart bled for Bruce and what he must have lived with his entire life."

Although we may not learn of Bruce's female name, we may get to see a further glimpse into "her" closet. Although Bruce revealed one dress to Diane Sawyer, we may get to see some more of Bruce's new clothing, as People tells readers that Khloe surprised Bruce with gifts for her:

"As Bruce Jenner prepares to transition into a woman, his family is rallying to support him in the best way they know how - in Khloé Kardashian's case, that means shopping for 'her'...In a sneak peek at the two-part special...Khloé arrives at his Malibu home bearing gifts."

This seems like quite a contrast to the Khloe Bruce described in his ABC interview. At the time, Jenner said that Khloe struggled the most of any of his kids/step kids. But now it seems like Khloe has come to term with Bruce's transition.

What do you think about the latest reports? Will Bruce's lady name start with a K, or will he choose something different like Heather? Has Khloe made peace with Bruce's choice to become female? Do you think she ever really had a problem with it, or was it just an effort to increase ratings?

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