Chris Evans Talks Directing New Movie Before ‘Cap America 3: Civil War’ & ‘Avengers Infinity Parts 1 & 2’

By James Knight on May 22, 2015 06:12 PM EDT

Chris Evans is known to fans around the world as Captain America. However, the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron actor is trying to make a name for himself as a director. Inbetween Marvel movies, Evans directed his own movie 1:30 Train. However, Evans might not have a lot of free time between Captain America 3: Civil War and Avengers 3: Infinity War Parts 1 & 2. Filming on the latter is set to start next fall and last for around 9 months. But Evans is still hoping to make the best of it.

Chris Evans recently opened up to Variety about taking time between Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and Captain America 3: Civil War to direct and star in his own film, 1:30 Train.

“I’ve known for a while I wanted to direct. But (time) never really opens up. There’s another movie to do, there’s another acting job. It just got to a point where I was like, you know what -- I have to do this.”

Where his time as an Avenger keeps him busy, his role as Captain America has giving him the freedom to pursue directing, as Evans adds:

 “Without these movies, I wouldn’t be directing.They gave me enough overseas recognition to greenlight a movie. And if I’m speaking extremely candidly, it’s going to continue to do that for as long as the Marvel contract runs.”

However, Evan’s next run as Cap is going to take up a lot of his time, as he told Esquire:

“We start [Captain America: Civil War] in a couple weeks, and then that shoots until August or something like that. August or September. Then I've got some downtime and I can do with it as I please. I don't know if I want to take time off or go pursue another directing job or find a movie to act in or, you know, do whatever I'm creatively inclined to pursue or wait, relax, enjoy my life. And then we start the Infinity War, I think, some time in the third quarter. Fall or winter of 2016. That's going to be like nine months to shoot both movies back to back."

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