Kate Gosselin Child Custody Battle: Jon Suing for Twin After Abuse Claims?

By Jonathan Lambert on May 24, 2015 05:36 PM EDT

It looks like Kate Gosselin will find herself locked in a bitter child custody battle with ex-husband Jon Gosselin. According to multiple reports, Jon will be suing Kate for custody of one of their twins. This latest news follows multiple allegations that Kate Gosselin is secretly guilty of child abuse, however, those claims have been largely dismissed.

Kate Gosselin will once again find herself in court.

The reality star mother that America loves to hate will be fighting to retain primary custody of her 11-year-old daughter, Hannah Gosselin. According to EntertainmentWise, Jon is seeking emergency custody of Hannah after she allegedly expressed that she is scared of Kate:

"Multiple media outlets have reported that the Gosselins, who are parents of eight children, including 11-year-old sextuplets, are heading to court next month to see who will get custody of Hannah...Jon decided to fight for emergency custody of Hannah after she reportedly expressed that she was afraid of her mother and told her father in late April that she didn't want to go back to Kate's house."

This isn't the first report to suggest that Kate could be headed back to court.

For months now, the tabloids have suggested that Kate is guilty of child abuse and/or abandonment with no evidence to support their claims. This sort of trend was upheld this week thanks to The Stir.

According to the entertainment website, Kate Gosselin left her children for days and refused to even give them her phone number:

"Reality star Kate Gosselin gets a lot of flack for the way she treats her kids, but the latest accusation seems truly non-mom-like: She left her kids for four days (with a nanny) and didn't leave them her phone number...According to insiders, she's dating wealthy businessman Jeff Prescott, and doesn't want to be disturbed. Plus she doesn't trust the kids with her number, fearing that someone outside the family will get their hands on it..."

What do you think of the latest reports? Will Kate Gosselin retain custody of Hannah? Do you think there's any chance Kate leaves the twins without leaving a way for them to reach her? If so, should she lose custody?

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