One Direction Breakup: Harry Styles Quits for New Meghan Trainor Song, Caroline Flack

By Jonathan Lambert on May 29, 2015 11:21 AM EDT

Time for another update in the life of One Direction star Harry Styles. Rumors are once again flying that Harry's band may breakup, following the sudden exit of Zayn Malik. These latest claims, which suggest Harry may be the next to quit, come after Harry Styles worked with Meghan Trainor on a new song. Meanwhile, one of Harry's famous exes, Caroline Flack, recently conducted a revealing interview about their past love affair.

When it comes to heartthrob crooner Harry Styles, it's difficult to determine what exactly may be going through the thoughts of the international man of mystery.

That, in part, could be responsible for fans worrying that the jetsetter may quit One Direction, much in the fashion of Zayn Malik, whose sudden departure from the boyband rocked Directioneers everywhere.

Adding fuel to the fire, Styles was recently featured on the latest Meghan Trainor single. And, according to Hollywood Life, Trainor cannot wait for the world to hear her single with Harry:

"Meghan Trainor, 21, can't wait for fans to hear the 'very special' song she's worked on with Harry Styles, 21. She anxiously anticipating the song's release, but is it going to be the duet we're all hoping for? Here's the scoop...The 'All About That Bass' star confirmed to E! News that she's produced what's sure to be a huge hit with Harry. Cue the fan girls!"

And that's not the only reason that Harry Styles finds himself in the news this week.

Former (and brief) lover Caroline Flack recently granted an interview to British publication The Telegraph. Among other things the celeb revealed, is how she feels about having dated Harry Styles:

"Three years ago Flack briefly dated One Direction's Harry Styles when he still 17. It was the first time she'd experienced media attention and it taught her 'quite a lot,' she says, about life. There were those who were 'out to get' her because she was dating someone so much younger. It is, she now accepts, 'quite strange' that she did, but adds, 'I'm not going to ever apologize for it because there was nothing at the time that was serious or bad and nobody was getting hurt.'"

What do you think about the latest reports? Is Harry going to leave One Direction? Is the band really going to breakup? Do you think it was inappropriate for Caroline to date Harry when he was so much younger than her?

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