Bach Keyboard Concerti, in Order: Classicalite's Rewrite

By Logan K. Young on Aug 14, 2013 08:31 PM EDT

Earlier today, The Awl's always great Alex Balk posted a cute li'l listicle: "Bach Keyboard Concertos, In Order."

As The Awl is wont to do, there was no commentary.

If there were words, here's what you might've read regarding the YouTube vids Balk selected:

1058) Younger Glenn Gould mouthing along with Vladimir Golshmann's Toronto Symphony Orchestra

1054) German pianist Severin von Eckardstein (on a Yamaha?) under Pierre-Michel Durand

1052) Hélène Grimaud live (and on harpsichord!) with the standing Bavarian Radio Chamber Symphony and Jorge Liebermann

To wit, it's in this same cheeky spirit--but with ascending numerals, German over English, Vimeo instead of YouTube--that we rewrite The Awl's original post.

After all, Classicalite did nearly the same for BuzzFeed's "10 Conductors Caught Using Magic."

I. Concerto in A Dur, BWV 1055

II. Concerto in G Moll, BWV 1058

III. Concerto in D Dur, BVW 1054

IV. Concerto in E Dur, BWV 1053

V. Concerto in D Moll, BWV 1052

VI. Concerto in F Dur, BWV 1057

VII. Concerto in F Moll, BWV 1056

FYI: If we were even going to touch the Village Voice's "10 Most Bangable Members of the New York Philharmonic," then Classicalite would...

a. Use the slightly more appropriate adjective "bang-worthy."

b. Definitely include Carol Wincenc's flauting.

c. And, of course, Mister Stanley Drucker.

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