One Direction Breakup Over: Harry Styles Dating Old Girlfriend, Forgets Lyrics

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 13, 2015 01:19 PM EDT

Forget everything you may have read, One Direction fans. According to a number of new reports, the band will not be breaking up, despite the high-profile exit of Zayn Malik earlier this year. In related news, rumors are flying that Harry Styles could be dating an old girlfriend. Perhaps romance was on the heartthrob's mind when he recently forgot the lyrics to one of his own songs.

It's hard being Harry.

Harry Styles proved that this week, after the hunky crooner made worldwide news for forgetting the lyrics to one of the band's biggest songs.

According to Sugarscape, Harry totally botched the lyrics to "Ready to Run:"

"...[Harry] had a moment where he forgot where he was during the chorus, and his reaction is literally the cutest thing since...potentially the beginning of time, actually... Seemingly forgetting that the whole 'follow the sun' part of the chorus exists, Harreh did the most adorable little laugh/arm-drummy manoeuvre to essentially say 'look, guys, I messed up but I old my hands up and - to compensate - I'm gonna make you all fancy me even more than you did before I just messed up.'"

Of course, this isn't the only reason that Harry finds himself in the news this week.

Styles also generated a few headlines for his social media activity, as the heartthrob was photographed spending time with a formal prom date.

According to Inquistr, Harry isn't dating the young woman, the two are just pals catching up:

"Harry Styles recently proved that he's a pretty awesome celebrity by reuniting with his prom date from high school...Most stars prefer to leave their past in the past once they become rich and famous, and they probably don't spend a lot of time wondering what their high school prom dates are up to -- they're too busy dating actresses and models to think about that girl who became an underpaid elementary school teacher. However, Harry Styles actually hung out with one of his prom dates recently."

What do you think about the latest reports? Will One Direction really breakup, or do you think the remaining members are committed to the band?

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