Jay Z Running for President After Beyonce Divorce Rumors, Blue Ivy Twin PHOTO

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 20, 2015 04:50 PM EDT

Rumors are flying that Jay Z may run for President of the United States, however, the claims originated from a very unlikely source. Meanwhile back in reality, Jay Z recently shared some childhood photos that bare a remarkable resemblance to his daughter, Blue Ivy. This latest report comes after months of reports that the A-list rapper was getting a divorce from his gorgeous wife Beyonce.

Jay Z may soon find himself in a courtroom addressing allegations that he fathered a secret lovechild, however, there's no doubt who the father of Blue Ivy is.

Mr. Carter proved that much this week, when he released photos of himself from childhood. And, according to In Touch, the young "99 Problems" rapper could pass as Blue Ivy's twin:

"One day after a man claimed he was the love child of Jay Z, the rapper took to Instagram to share pictures from his youth -- presumably before he hit it big on the rap scene...In one shot, Beyoncé's leading man is seen posing next to a female friend -- while wearing one pretty distracting red bucket hat. (We doubt Jay would rock that nowadays!) If these pics prove anything, it's that his three-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, is SERIOUSLY his doppelganger."

Of course, this isn't the only reason that Mr. Carter finds himself in the news this week. Jay Z also made headlines over a potential bid for President, but don't expect the rapper to run for office anytime soon.

The rumors got started during a recent interview, where Mary J. Blige told Elle that she would like to see Jay Z be president:

"I would say Jay Z [could be president]. People listen to him and follow him. If he spoke, and it was something that could help people, it would have a huge impact. He's a powerful man. He would be my first vote..."

What do you think of the latest reports? Are you glad that the media has finally stopped talking about Jay Z's rumored divorce from Beyonce?

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