‘Fast & Furious 8’: Vin Diesel Dating Eva Mendes NOT Michelle Rodriguez?

By Shane Jordan on Jun 22, 2015 04:55 PM EDT

It's been may have been a couple of Fast films since Eva Mendes was been cast alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Fast Five, but word has it that Vin Diesel and Universal plan to bring back Ryan Gosling's on-and-off again girlfriend in big way in Fast 8. According to the latest gossip news updates, despite marrying his character off to the still amnesic Michelle Rodriguez at the end of Furious 7, Dom Toretto may soon be dating Eva's Special Agent Monica Fuentes on the side. In a related story, the new Fast and Furious ride is finally ready for its unveiling at Universal Studios, and Tyrese Gibson assures fans of the franchise that every effort was made to make the new attraction as dangerous as his real-life experience on set as possible.

 In addition to supposedly signing Kurt Russell and Cody Walker along with concrete confirmations from Jason Stratham and The Rock, Vin Diesel is said to have plans to bring back at least one more crew member from that Fast and Furious franchise's past for the seventh over-the-top sequel.

According to the devout journalists at Christian Today, Vin is inviting super-sexy Eva Mendes back into the mix to possibly spice things up between Diesel and his brain damaged wife, played by Michelle Rodriguez:

"Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto recently got back together with his girlfriend Letty Ortiz.

"However, the eighth installment will reportedly see the return of Eva Mendez as agent Monica Fuentes, which...might entangle the three in a love triangle."

While Vin has been busy working out the kinks for the new Fast 8 film, Tyrese has been doing his part promoting the new franchise themed ride at Universal Studios.

During a chat with Fox 40, Gibson explained that a lot of thought was put in to making sure that the ride was just the right amount of dangerous, so that the public got the experience of being on the movie set without having to get all the additional health insurance that goes along with it (via EnStarz):

"Doing the ride is a different process, I think being on the set is a little more scary[sic], as you get explosions and actual cars hitting each other.

"I think being on set is a little more dangerous but we went as dangerous as we could for this."

Tyrese also explained that while on set he almost always does his own stunts, unless it's something that is actually dangerous in which case he cowers in his trailer until he's called back to set:

"I like putting stunt guys out of business, I piss them off all the time because I like doing my own stunts but when it is too dangerous, I say look man, you put your life on the line, I'll be in my trailer." now makes perfect sense why Vin never bothers to write in a significant other for Tyrese -- the man is clearly already very much in love with himself.

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