From the Top Band Teams Up With Rapper Lotus Taylor for Wiz Khalifa Tribute [WATCH]

By Ian Holubiak on Jun 23, 2015 01:57 PM EDT
Watch From the Top Band Teams Up with Local Rapper Lotus Taylor for Wiz Khalifa Tribute Music Director Courtney Lewis conducts the Discovery Ensemble at the New England Conservatory in Jordan Hall on April 13, 2012. (Photo : Boston Globe/Getty Images)

Rap and orchestra, a bond that usually fits in the studio and has become almost a staple of the hip-hop "ballad," has brought students from Berklee and the New England Conservatory (known as the From the Top band) together to back local rapper Lotus Taylor in a Wiz Khalifa cover.

If you're a fan of Wiz himself, or are familiar with the song, then you can hear in the video that the orchestra is up to snuff with the music, hitting a proper beat and paying homage to the song in a most musical manner.

From the Top explains the performance:

"Just down the street from our offices is Berklee College of Music, where we filmed this latest video. Charlie Puth, who wrote the incredibly popular song "See You Again," also happens to be a Berklee grad, as is Evan Chapman, who did the arrangement. In this video, From the Top musicians from Berklee, New England Conservatory, Boston University, Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, The Juilliard School, Boston City Singers, and Hip Hop Transformation collaborate to create something truly special.

It's a wonderful celebration of music, memory, and hope. And we're not sure, but we think this might be our first rap collaboration. We'll confirm, but in the meantime...enjoy!"

And it is deeply inspiring stuff, indeed, Norman.

Hip-hop and classical aren't totally exclusive from one another. It's true, most major recording artists in the genre, such as Rihanna, employ the use of an orchestra to give their music a different edge. Now, if that's Rihanna's decision or someone else's still remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, the music video was shot on location at Berklee College of Music and features the entire ensemble plus Lotus.

Check out the video below and pay attention the credits beneath it.


Lead Vocals:
Lotus Taylor

Kadar Qian

Haig Hovsepian

Sofia Tong

Alexia Delgiudice

Andrew Byun

David Tangney

Harrison Klein

Marton Bisits


Fiona Qu

Austen Yueh

Clara Wang

Dag Hanken

Dan McCallum

Johannes Flecker

Amanda Hatlavik

Caitlin Gjerdrum

Melissa Johnston

Patrick Creedon

Isaiah Sealy

Orla Schwarz

Isabel Fox

Isabel Nichols

Meghan Timony


Executive Producers:
Gerald Slavet

Jennifer Hurley-Wales

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