Justin Timberlake Takes Instagram With Son Silas as Jessica Biel New Movie Bashed

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 28, 2015 02:34 PM EDT

It's been a big week for Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Last Sunday, Justin posed with the family's newest addition, son Silas Randall, for an adorable Father's Day Instagram photo that quickly went viral. Meanwhile, things aren't so great with Justin's wife, Jessica Biel, as her latest movie was widely bashed by the critics.

Life is pretty good when you're Justin Timberlake. Not only are you married to one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but you're also a super-rich and much-beloved celebrity.

To make matters even better, Justin and Jessica recently welcomed into the world their very first child, Silas Randall. Since Silas' birth was announced, fans have been clamoring for photos of the adorable babe.

And last Sunday, fans got their wish, as Justin posed for a photo with his young son. According to Huffigton Post, Justin uploaded the photo in honor of Father's Day:

"It's Justin Timberlake's first Father's Day as a dad, and he's celebrating by showing off his little one to the world...[Last] Sunday, the 'Mirrors' singer gave his 12 million Instagram followers a peek into life with his son, Silas Randall, who he welcomed with wife Jessica Biel in April. In the adorable photo, Timberlake cradles the 2-month-old, who is wearing the perfect onesie for the occasion, [which reads, 'I Love Dad']..."

Unfortunately, adorable family photos aren't the only reason that Justin and Jessica find themselves in the news.

Sadly for Mrs. Biel, her latest film Accidental Love has been widely bashed by the press. In fact, Daily Mail went so far as to claim Biel's new film is "dismal satire," which may justify their 1-star rating:

"There's a very good reason why you haven't heard of the director of Accidental Love, Stephen Greene: he doesn't exist. Why the film should be credited to a fictional director will begin to make sense when you're about 10 minutes in, when a reasonably promising start mutates into a ghastly satire about America's (pre-Obama) healthcare system, from which the (real) director, David O. Russell, understandably wanted his name removed...Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel, unfortunately for them, cannot so easily disassociate themselves."

What do you think of the latest report? How adorable did Justin and Silas look in their Father's Day photo? Were you shocked to see all of the terrible reviews for Biel's new film?

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