Classicalite's Five Best: Fashionable Classical Musicians [POLL]

By James Inverne on Aug 23, 2013 04:03 PM EDT

In Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 25, 2013, Miss America will be crowned.

As previously reported, one of the judges will be none other than Mr. Violin, Joshua Bell.

Responses to this have run from mild derision to appreciation for Bell's deftness at staying in the public eye at a level beyond most classical musicians.

But to suggest that there's anything new in classical musicians jumping into the fashion and lifestyle world is just plain wrong. Ever since the lifestyle marketing era began, classical musicians have occasionally associated themselves with various brands.

Here are Classicalite's Five Best examples:

Herbert von Karajan

One of music's first high-living style icon, Karajan was more than happy being photographed with a flashy sports car or a jet. What else would you expect from the conductor once voted the best dressed man in Vienna?

Maria Callas

She may have had a famously close rivalry with Renata Tebaldi in the diva stakes, but Callas left all other sopranos for dust when it came to her image. Often sporting the leading designers of the day, the famous photographs of her by Cecil Beaton are art in themselves.

Charlie Siem

The English violinist has modelled for Alfred Dunhill and has appeared in Vogue and GQ magazines.

Eric Whitacre

The flaxen-locked American composer may be best known for his gorgeous choral creations and his ingenious, inspiring "virtual choirs" on the web, but he has also signed on with a modelling agency.

Sugar Vendil

Fashion-obsessed pianist who likes to perform wearing the newest creations of various designers. You can tell she's into fashion just from the name of her cat, Coco Chanel Vendil-Gureckis.

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