Howard Stern Leaving 'AGT:' Quits Show as Amy Schumer Thanks Host for New Movie

By Jonathan Lambert on Jul 02, 2015 12:22 PM EDT

Bad news, Stern fans. It turns out that rumors claiming Howard Stern will be leaving the hit NBC summer program, America's Got Talent, are true. The most highly-paid radio broadcaster in history reiterated claims that he is quitting AGT on his SiriusXM Radio show this week. This announcement came shortly before Amy Schumer entered the studio, where she credited Howard for her having been offered a new movie role.

It's been a big week in the Stern universe and not all of it has been good news.

Disappointing millions of dedicated fans, Howard Stern confirmed speculation that he would be leaving America's Got Talent.

Although Stern revealed he was leaving earlier, this time Howard addressed claims that he was simply employing negotiating tactics in an effort to earn more money.

The King of All Media refuted these allegations, telling listeners (via Radar Online):

"They were saying it's a play on my part, a negotiation...think that that's my M.O. -- like even my negotiation with Sirius, [reporters say,] 'That's what Howard does, he makes theater out of it blah blah blah'...That's it, there's no negotiating, I'm done with it, I've had enough...I assure you, I'm not waiting for some payday or something -- I don't operate that way."

In other Stern news, Amy Schumer generated more than a few headlines when she appeared on the shock jock's morning show.

Schumer was incredibly grateful to Howard, who she feels had a tremendous impact on her career. According to Cinema Blend, her success has a little something to do with celebrity super fan Judd Apatow:

" a rather heartfelt display of gratitude, [Amy Schumer] directly attributed her impending career turn to exposure provided by Howard Stern...Appearing on Howard Stern's radio program, Schumer discusses her expanding success with her television series, Inside Amy Schumer, and her starring role next month's release of the Judd Apatow-directed Trainwreck. In an exceptional moment, the sarcastic, wry Schumer seemed to be caught up in the ever-upward course of her comedic career and conveys kudos to Stern's role in stoking those fires."

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