Brandi Glanville Continues 'RHOBH' Feud on Stern Show, After Howard Quit 'AGT'

By Jonathan Lambert on Jul 03, 2015 11:57 AM EDT

Brandi Glanville once again appeared on the hit morning program The Howard Stern Show this week, and in her typical fashion, the reality star wasn't pulling any punches. She teased the appearance on social media leading up to the interview, where Glanville made it clear that she would be continuing her feud with several co-stars of the hit Bravo show, Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. This latest news comes after Howard Stern announced that he would not be returning for a fifth season of his summer smash show, America's Got Talent.

If there's one thing you can be certain of, it's that Real Housewife Brandi Glanville will not disappoint you.

The reality star understands what it takes to get (and keep) viewers, and she proved it again this week, when she appeared on Howard Stern's hit SiriusXM radio show.

No topic was off limits for Glanville, who didn't hesitate when she was asked questions about getting elective vagina surgery.

But Brandi really perked up when she was asked about her RHOBH castmates, many of whom Glanville is presently feuding with. When Stern asked if her co-stars were being truthful when they said that she had been fired, Brandi explained that they have no clue about her employment with Bravo (via People):

"They don't know. They have no idea. But here's what sucks, and this is why they're c---s...Because they're saying I got fired, and I'm in the process of moving, trying to rent a house for my two children, and no one will rent to me because they don't think I have a job."

Of course, Brandi may not be the only TV star to lose their job.

Howard Stern recently revealed that he will be leaving NBC's hit summer show, America's Got Talent, after four years of serving as America's Judge. Deadline tells readers that Howard was presented with another TV opportunity and even recommended a possible replacement:

"Stern indicated that he had been presented with a new 'great opportunity' in TV, which contributed to his decision to depart AGT after four seasons. Stern even anointed a possible successor on the judging panel, AGT executive producer Simon Cowell, who has served as a judge on the UK version of the show. 'Simon Cowell wants it anyway. He would be good at it,' Stern said."

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