Taylor Swift Boyfriend Calvin Harris Wedding News Angers BFF Karlie Kloss?

By Shane Jordan on Jul 08, 2015 02:26 PM EDT

Although they have only officially been dating a few months, the supermarket tabloids are already claiming the Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend, Calvin Harris, are planning their wedding. According to the latest gossip news updates, the 1989 singer and the Scottish EDM DJ have already decided on the locations for both their nuptials and the honeymoon to follow. While yet another silly new rumor claims that Taylor's bestie, Karlie Kloss, is so upset by the sudden talk of marriage that she is starting to feel more than just a little bit jealous.

While it seems nearly impossible to believe given her history with past boyfriends, it's now being rumored that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are all but engaged.

One unnamed source told Reveal magazine that Calvin and Taylor were already ironing out all the details for the big day (via Mirror):

"Taylor would love a big wedding at home but she loved Scotland and could be persuaded to do it there, especially as her family can travel more than his extended family can.

"They've also talked honeymoons and would love to take a camper van and disappear either in Europe or North America for a while."

Perhaps even more ridiculous than suggesting that Swift could be so easily swept of her feet is the report that her supermodel bestie, Karlie Kloss, would be upset with Taylor for spending all her time with Calvin.

Yet another anonymous informant insists in the July 20, issue of Life & Style that at times Karlie seems almost on the verge of making Swift decide between her and Harris:

"Like all best friends, they argue, and most recently it's been about how much time Taylor spends with her guy."

According to the super-secret-stoolie, Karlie's doing her best to play it cool, but as soon as Calvin makes a mistake, she is going to rush in bringing it to Taylor's attention:

"Karlie's going with the flow, but she's wary that Calvin may be a player."

What do you think Taylor should do in the highly unlikely event that Karlie really is feeling jealous -- invite her to be a bridesmaids at her imaginary wedding?

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