Is Black Lives Matter Shaun King Really White? Childhood Friend Defends Activist

By James Knight on Aug 20, 2015 02:49 PM EDT

Like Rachel Dolezal, another civil rights activist is being reported to really be white posing as black. Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is being accused of not being black. However, King is stating that he biracial and his biological father is black. Now, one of King’s childhood friends is defending him.

One Facebook user, going under the name Willis Polk II a.k.a, Deacon (of CunninLynguists), has posted of defence of Shaun. Willis claims to have been friends with since grade school, stateing:

“Since the third grade, Shaun has had to deal with whispers as to his racial make-up. Whispers that no adult helped him deal with or process. Yes, that includes his mother.

“Shaun got called "N*gger" just as much, if not more, than myself or any of my black friends and family while growing up in Versailles. Do you think an 8 year old would volunteer for that type of treatment? A funny colored, wavy haired child just trying to navigate life? To have anything from racial slurs to cups full of dip-spit (chewing tobacco) hurled at you from confederate flag covered pick-up trucks? And then 20 years later have some right wing assholes question whether it ever happened and go as far as to call you a fraud and try to de-bunk years of social justice work that you've put under your belt?”

You can check out the full post here.

What do you think about the controversy? Do you believe that Shaun is really white? Does it matter if he is biracial or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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