Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Split Explained; Young Thug Talks Murder Beef?

By Shane Jordan on Sep 29, 2015 04:44 PM EDT

To hear them tell it, conflicting schedules were the only catalysts in Lil Wayne's recent split from Christina Milian, but word has it that their demanding careers had nothing to do with the breakup. According to the latest gossip news updates, Weezy's drug abuse and hard partying eventually became too much for the 33-year-old beauty to take. In a related story, Young Thug claims that he was in no way involved in any sort of conspiracy to have Lil Wayne murdered. In fact, the hip-hop up-and-comer claims that he's always wanted to be Wayne -- not kill him.

While they have claimed the hectic schedules were the primary reason that they broke up, it 's been rumored that Christina Milian really left Lil Wayne because she couldn't bare to deal with the possibility of one day watching him overdose.

One source in the latest October 5, issue of Life & Style insists that Weezy's behavior was never really on the up and up, and finally things just got to a place where Milian had to leave:

"She called it quits because of Wayne's endless partying and drug use.

"Christina was in a constant state of fear he would die...She still loves him but she couldn't take it anymore.

"Christina's friends are really proud of her for leaving Wayne before things got worse."

In a related story, Young Thug told GQ that he also loves Lil Wayne -- even if the 32-year-old rap legend is convinced that his hip-hop rival tried to have him killed.

In addition to denying point blank that he tried to have Weezy murdered, Thug explained that in a lot of ways, he still wants to be just like his idol:

"I always wanted to be in the studio with Wayne...If I had the chance to be myself or him, I'd be him.

"That man is the greatest. If we had the biggest problem in the world, I'd still say he's the best rapper in the f*cking world. Everybody knows nobody raps better than the f*cking boss."

What do you think of Lil Wayne?

Is he still the greatest rapper to ever live?

Or, has Weezy been too interested in partying and beefing instead of hip hop for too long?

Let us hear what you have to say about it in the comment field below.

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