‘TBBT’ Kaley Cuoco Talks Dark Ryan Sweeting Divorce?

By Shane Jordan on Nov 03, 2015 07:45 PM EST

At first it looked like Kaley Cuoco's divorce from Ryan Sweeting was going to be relatively painless due to the Big Bang Theory actress' ironclad prenup, but after both sides seemed to feed the press awful rumors about one another immediately following the breakup, it seem like things are destined to get nasty. According to the latest gossip news updates, Penny's net worth isn't in serious jeopardy, but the often topless Instagram model may wind up having to pay her ex-husband Spousal support in addition to covering the cost of his legal fees -- regardless of what is written in their prenup. While Kaley did her best to hide the fact their relationship was in trouble right up until the very end, the 29-year-old sex-symbol recently admitted that she was in a dark place just before their split became official.

When Ryan Sweeting first filed his request for spousal support in court October 15, those closet to Kaley Cuoco seemed confident that the professional tennis player was grasping at straws.

One source in the latest November 9, issue of the National Enquirer seemed confident that Kaley was going to easily be able to block Ryan from getting even one penny more than the originally agreed:

"Kaley said, 'Absolutely not!' She already has a rock-solid prenup in place preventing him from getting any more loot from her."

Unfortunately for Cuoco's multimillion dollar net worth, Forbes' legal expert seemed convinced that Sweeting's team might have a pretty compelling argument for why Ryan deserved to be taken care of in the wake of their divorce:

"Sweeting could argue that his various injuries have prevented him from earning a living as a tennis player.

"He could toss in the point that his injuries -- not to mention his reported addiction to pain killers -- arose during the marriage, meaning he cannot reasonably support himself now, and he needs help.

"Sweeting's legal team could contend that this is a different set of circumstances than when the prenuptial agreement was signed, so it would be very unfair to enforce it against him now."

Although Cuoco has done her best to remain buoyant in the face of her relationship falling apart, Kaley told People that she was able to tap into the "kind of dark place" she was in for her recent performance in her indie movie, Bodhi Burning:

"I only shot for nine days, and I was kind of there the whole time in my head.

"The town was a little dark, the whole thing, the energy just made you feel that way."

What do you think about Ryan Sweeting, who reportedly has a net worth of $2 million, asking for child support from his famous wife?

Is that the least Kaley could do in the wake of all the rumors about her husband supposedly being addicted to painkillers coincidently surfaceing immediately after they split?

Or, is it gross for someone in Ryan position to ask for money just because he can?

Let us hear what you have to say about it in the comment field below.

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