Taylor Swift & Miranda Swift Feud despite Collaborations?

By Shane Jordan on Nov 04, 2015 08:22 PM EST

There is nothing the tabloids love more than to claim that Taylor Swift is feuding with another famous female celebrity -- whether Rihanna or Selena Gomez. According to the latest gossip news updates, Calvin Harris' girlfriend and Blake Shelton's ex-wife have had serious beef for years. Word has it that the only reason Miranda Lambert was even recently willing to share the 1989 World Tour stage for a recent "Little Red Wagon" collaboration was because her team insisted it needed to be done in the wake of her recent divorce. Adding insult to injury, is the news that that Taylor supposed archrival, Katy Perry, made more money that the "Blank Space" beauty, despite Swift's selling far more albums.

Although Miranda Lambert made a surprise appearance at Taylor Swift's October 21, concert, to sing "Little Red Wagon" together, not everyone believes that the country music superstars are really friends.

One source in the latest November 16, issue of OK! Magazine claims that behind-the-scenes Taylor and Miranda haven't been able to get along for years:

"They cannot stand each other. Miranda jetted out right after the show...They barely said a word to each other.

"[Taylor] thinks Miranda is a bully that will stomp all over anyone to get their way. She's seen and heard about Miranda's dark side many times, and that not the kind of friend she wants in her life."

According to the informant, Miranda would have been just as happy to stay home on the 26, but Lambert's handlers have been pushing her hard to do something with Taylor to help soften her image:

"They've been in overdrive since her divorce from Blake Shelton and the backlash of the rumors that she cheated.

"Miranda's had to do a bunch of stuff she wouldn't normally do to for the sake of repairing her image...Who better to place her with that America's golden girl?"

While Taylor may have been able to give Lambert's career a little bump, it seems that Katy Perry need not worry about ever having to team up with her nemesis in order to bank a few bucks.

Last year, the Super Bowl singer nearly doubled Taylor's earning, reports Yahoo!, despite the fact that she had less press and sold fewer albums:

"Perry, 31, earned $135 million in the past 12 months, thanks to a huge worldwide Prismatic tour and endorsements deals with beauty companies like Coty and CoverGirl.

"Swift, 25, was a distant second, with an estimated $80 million, despite some 8.6 million sales globally for her 1989 hit album and the start of a world tour."

What do you think about all of Taylor Swift's supposed feuds?

Could it possibly be that the "Shake It Off" singer really is no better at getting along with her girlfriends than she is her boyfriends?

Or, is it far more likely that the gossip magazines are willing to say anything to tarnish Taylor's reputation?

Let us hear what you have to say about it in the comment field below.

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