Adriana Campos Car Wreck Update: Autopsy Results Reveal Cause of Death

By Jonathan Lambert on Nov 11, 2015 12:24 PM EST

The world is still grieving the deaths of Adriana Campos and her husband Carlos Rincon. The two passed away in a tragic car wreck on November 3rd, and in less than a week, autopsy results have revealed the cause of the couple's untimely deaths.

Readers are most likely familiar with Mrs. Campos work on Vecinos, a staple in the soap-opera world. Although, it's unfair to label Adriana a soap opera star alone.

The talented actress also appeared on the film and stage, garnering high-praise for her work. Unfortunately, her career that spanned nearly two decades has come to an end.

Unfortunately, the tragedy doesn't end there. According to New York Daily News, the couple leave behind a small child:

"Vecinos actress Adriana Campos, 36, and her husband, businessman Carlos Rincón, were driving near Colombia's Department of Antioquia when Rincón lost control of the car, reports Colombian news site NoticiasRCN. The vehicle plummeted into the Cauca River. Campos and Rincón, who married last year, had a 1-year-old baby..."

After losing control of the vehicle, Mr. Rincon crashed it into the Cauca River, where they were both found dead. Many media outlets suggested that the couple might have drowned, however, we have learned that is not the case.

Latin Times tells readers that it was the impact of the wreck that killed Adriana Campos:

"Although many speculated on the reason of what caused Campos' death, an autopsy has revealed that it was due to the heavy hits they received during the car crash. 'The cause of death was not the immersion,' said Jaime Vélez, Director of Hospital de Salgar. 'It was multiple injuries.' All the traumas and grave wounds happened simultaneous that caused her death."

The publication goes on to reveal that no one is certain what lead to Mr. Rincon losing control of the vehicle.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends, many of whom reached out on Twitter to express their condolences.

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