AMP Trio Self-Releases 'm(y)our world,' an Undefinable Instrumental Collaboration [REVIEW]

By Mike Greenblatt on Dec 11, 2015 03:23 PM EST
AMP Trio AMP Trio (l-r) Perrin Grace, Addison Frei, Matt Young (Photo : courtesy Michael Bloom Media Relations)

Enter AMP Trio, a supremely talented young band comprised of New Yorkers Addison Frei (piano), Perrin Grace (bass) and Texas drummer Matt Young (oftentimes vocalist Tahira Clayton makes it into a quartet). Recently, the two city boys flew west to their University of North Texas alma mater to complete their sophomore effort at Panhandle House Studios in Denton, TX where their drummer still resides. The result is m(y)our world, an instrumental beauty of power, strength, supple twists and turns, yet with a unity of vision created by the melding of three inventive minds totally in tune with each other. AMP Trio being 21st Century multi-media men, the project was conceived as both an audio CD and online video series which started on their 2013 Flow debut.

Besides performing in Canada, Brooklyn, Atlanta and the Jacksonville (Florida) Jazz Festival over the last three years, this Trio has also been serving as a rhythm section for projects by sax men Spenser Liszt (Until Further Notice) and Aaron Hedenstrom (A Moment of Clarity). Their video series is directed by Andy LaViolette. Yet it's here, on m(y)our world, where the particular charm of their collaborative efforts comes to the fore. Insinuating, jammy, funky yet oftentimes blissful, it points the way towards a bright future. Hey, I'm down with getting psyched about the latest unearthed treasures from the likes of Bird, Diz, Pops, Miles, 'Trane and Django but they're all dead, man. Support live jazz!

Jazz is a genre constantly in competition with its own history. Jazz fans probably buy more music from dead guys than in any other genre. This isn't exactly conducive for the future of the music. I mean, dead guys don't tour for one. Their music is set and static for eternity.  The fact of the matter is that there are some amazing musicians straddling rock, jazz, Americana, classical, blues and fusions of all of the aforementioned. These cats need support in their independently produced and released projects, over and above supporting them live by going out and giving them the kind of love only an appreciative audience can deliver.

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