Burglars Trolled by Las Vegas Taco Shop Owners in Funy Viral Video [Watch]

By Anthony Massey on Dec 26, 2015 05:16 PM EST

Early in the morning on December 17th, Frijoles and Frescos Grilled Tacos in Las Vegas was robbed by a pair of inept burglars. The owners of the restaurant got their revenge, though, with one of the most funny viral videos I've seen, turning a crime into great marketing. These thieves got trolled! 

The thieves made off with a pair of empty registers, but alas, not a taco was to be found in the store. Maybe the burglars forgot that tacos have to be made? Especially ones as fresh as those in the video. Did anyone else suddenly want tacos really, really badly?

The general manager, Greg Carlson, had this to say about the creation of the video: "The idea was to provide something that the public could help us with to find the thieves, but at the same time, try to see the lighter side of what happened."

According to website Eater, "They created a clever marketing ad out of the surveillance footage, portraying the burglars as bumbling taco fiends out looking for a late-night fix".

My favorite quips from the video are "We take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people to do" and "Please help us find these guys, so we can get them the tacos they rightfully deserve." I like these because they humorously flip the situation around. Instead of being the victims, the store owners are looking to help these poor gentlemen whose sole crime is a taco-addiction.

It's also a good thing that the funny video is so popular, with just under three million hits. We can hope that someone will be able to ID the burglars and help the police make an arrest.

So what was your favorite quote from the video? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Or if you know who the thieves are, contact the police at the number shared in the video.

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