ABC Musical ‘Galavant’ Season 2 Finale: Can Timothy Omundson’s Beard Stop Cancelation?

By James Knight on Jan 30, 2016 04:37 AM EST

There is only more two part episode of Galavant Season 2 left and the big question is can the ABC musical escape the cancellation bear once again. If there is any beast out there great enough to slay the cancellation bear it has to bear Timothy Omundson’s King Richard beard.

The official TV Guide plot synopsis for this weekend’s two part Season 2 finale of Galavant, titled “Battle of the Three Armies; The One True King (To Unite Them All),” reads:

“In the first half of a combined, one-hour Season 2 finale, Isabella is ready to give up against Valencia until Galavant arrives with his zombie army. In the second half hour, Madalena and Wormwood's spell could turn the tide of the war, but Sid has other ideas; and Richard is inspired to perform something approaching a heroic act.”

One of the biggest stars in Galavant has to be Timothy Omundson’s beard. Fans of Omundson’s work on Psych, remember his freshly shaven face. But since psych ended, Omundson has unleashed the beast and he is not turning back. Recently, Omundson spoke with TV Line about his beard:

“Love the facial hair. My wife is not as crazy about it. She doesn’t like it when I go hobo chic. The funny thing is that when I was doing Pysch I was such a clean-cut character and the second we would go on hiatus I would start growing what became known as ‘the hiatus beard,’ and I would literally tweet out pictures. And some of the tweeter kids would hope that I would get a job where [a beard] was appropriate, because I’ve always found that they tend to be more fun. They’re either bad guys, or the guys with guns that are psychopaths.”

What do you think of the season so far? Do you think that we will a Season 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to tune the Season 2 finale of Galavant, this Sunday at 8:00 PM eastern on ABC.

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