Josh Groban Talks New Broadway Rituals

By Shane Jordan on Jan 31, 2016 08:36 PM EST

While Josh Groban might take his career seriously, that seems to be about it. The 34-year-old native of L.A. recently joked that he will more than likely need several pairs of underpants to get through his Broadway debut in Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812. In fact, Kat Dennings' jokester of a boyfriend recently revealed that he would love to star in a raunchy foul mouthed comedy someday, but seriously doubts his management team is ever going to allow that to happen.

He may not come off as much of a huckster on his albums, but behind-the-scene sJosh Groban certainly has a sense of humor about himself.

When asked about any new pre-show rituals he might have picked up since signing up to make his Broadway debut in Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812, Groban jokingly told Page Six that it wouldn't be hard for him to pick up another bad habit or two -- given how many that he has already got:

"There can't be any more rituals than solo recording artists have.

"I mean, any singer's crazy no matter what the genre.

"[But] I have a lot to learn as we gear up into rehearsals in a lot of ways...I'm sure I will be wearing five pairs of underwear or whatever I have to do."

As exciting as the lights of Broadway must be, Groban recently admitted in an interview with E! News that he would very much like to star in something outrageous and raunchy a little further down the line:

"Go full Bob Saget...Literally!

"But that's what you have management for, to reign you in because if it was left entirely up to me, we wouldn't be sitting here right now."

What do you think of Josh Groban staring in the next American Pie or Half Baked?

Would it be best if he stuck to just singing his songs with a little bit of acting sprinkled in here and there just for good measure?

Or, would it be nice to Groban acting senseless in a tastelessly comedic setting?

Let us hear what you have to say about Groban in the comment field below.

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