PAC @ Purchase College Presents Apollo's Fire Baroque Orchestra & Chorus

By Thomas Swan on Feb 22, 2016 10:43 AM EST

The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College in Purchase New York is welcoming the Apollo's Fire Baroque Orchestra and Chorus to their stage. They will be performing Bach's St. John Passion on Sunday March 13th at 3 P.M. Tickets vary from $40 to $70 dollars and are on sale now. The address of PAC is 735 Anderson Hill Rd.

St. John Passion is considered Bach's most dramatic and threatrical oratorio. It was first performed on a Good Friday nearly 300 years ago. The Passion arrives just two weeks before Easter and will, no doubt, evoke similar passion as its first performance. They are led by harpsichordist Jeannette Sorrell and the orchestra brings their firebrand passion to the inciendiary piece. From the beginning, hell fire rains down on as the last days of Jesus' life plays out with a spellbinding cast of international singers and actors, who bring the characters to life.

Jesse Blumberg plays Jesus, Jeffery Strauss Pilate, Amanda Forsythe plays countertenor and Christian Immler takes on the baritone part. Apollo's Fire is named after the god of music and fire and was founded in 1992 by award winning harp player Jeannette Sorrell. Hailed as one of the best period ensembles, the group made its London debut in 2010 on the BBC. They have been praised wherever they have played. At home in Cleveland, the ensembles both tours the USA and enjoys playing to sold out concerts in its hometown.

Apollo's Fire have to date made 21 commercial CDs and are currently signed to British label Avie. As with their concert performances, Apollo's Fire recording have held favor with the critics and public alike. So, if you're in the New York area, you might just want to go check them out.


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