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By Classicalite Newsdesk on Mar 26, 2016 09:06 PM EDT
A Passion for Acoustics [primephonic, Jordy van Wijk] "One thing that has always fascinated me is the fact that Bach’s Passions are at their best in certain churches - not just in any church or concert hall. Of course this has everything to do with acoustics. It makes sense that different churches sound different, but it also tells us something about Bach - not only about his love for music but also about the physics behind the sound. Bach preferred the St.Thomas Church over any other church and I can imagine why for a couple of reasons." -- Jordy van Wijk] (Photo :

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Sunday, March 27, 2016.

A Passion for Acoustics [primephonic, Jordy van Wijk]

A well-crafted a church appeals as much to the eyes as to the ears. As Western music was so heavily intertwined with the church throughout history, you can imagine that a lot of major compositions first came to life in some of the world's most magnificent churches. As the dominant musical figure at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Johann Sebastian Bach had this privilege many times over.

Ethan Hawke Is ‘Born To Be’ Chet Baker [On Point]

Trumpeter, singer, one of the pioneers of a California sound in Jazz from the 50s to the 80s — Chet Baker used drugs, dropped in and out of music, and died young. He’s the subject of a new movie, “Born to Be Blue,” starring Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke as Baker. We’ll talk about movies, music, about bringing a long dead artist, to life. This hour, On Point, Ethan Hawke, “Born to Be Blue.”

It’s nice to see Mark Rylance’s bottom. But our oceans deserve better [The Guardian]

Don't worry, I'm not fishing for attention; I have a genuine naked-celebs story here, and it involves large amounts of fish. Just in time for Good Friday. Today's stripping-stars saga comes to you courtesy of Fishlove and its photo campaign aimed at raising awareness of overfishing.

City Ballet Season to Feature Two Premieres by Women [New York Times]

New York City Ballet announced Thursday that it would focus on new and recent works next season, with a spring festival dedicated to dances it has commissioned in recent decades, world premieres by Alexei Ratmansky and Justin Peck, and, after a notable absence of new works by women in recent seasons, premieres by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Lauren Lovette.

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