Gergiev, Nelsons, Gilbert or Alsop...Who is the World’s Busiest Conductor?

By James Inverne on Jan 21, 2014 02:41 PM EST

Some interesting statistics, yes, from the U.K.-based music website Bachtrack. Every year, they compile the stats from the events they have listed, and the list for 2013 has Valery Gergiev as the world's busiest conductor. Andris Nelsons comes second.

Mind you, the site points out that their results are not comprehensive, as the results are based only on the information their staff and users enter. Which may perhaps skew the picture somewhat. Gergiev might well be busiest, but Nelsons--who has had some periods off due to illness in recent times--seems less likely, despite his popularity.

The busiest concerts conductor was Alan Gilbert. His counterpart for dance events was James Tuggle.

Marin Alsop, who came in at number 70 in the busiest conductors list, was the only woman. Which, the website agreed, was rather shocking.

Busiest performers, aside from conductors, were Joshua Bell and Christian Tetzlaff in joint first place among violinists. Among pianists, it was Yefim Bronfman.

Three U.S. orchestras occupied the top spots for busiest touring concert orchestra. San Francisco Symphony is top, New York Philharmonic second, Chicago Symphony third.

Mozart overtook Beethoven to seize the top spot as most played composer. Britten came in fourth (which seems a bit of a stretch). As to who won the Verdi and Wagner war in both their big anniversaries--Verdi, by a mile.

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