‘GMA’ Cast News: Robin Roberts’ Girlfriend Engaged; Josh Elliott Salary Renegotiated?

By Shane Jordan on Feb 12, 2014 09:07 PM EST

Good Morning America anchor Josh Elliot is reportedly looking for a Robin Robert’s sized pay bump. Elliott helped make GMA number 1 and they are probably going to have to come with the cash, unless they want him to jump ship like Sam Champion. Rumor has it that Robin Roberts and longtime girlfriend Amber Laign are getting engaged and possibly announcing baby news very soon.

It was announced by the venerable New York Post last week that Good Morning America anchor Josh Elliott is reportedly looking for a pay raise similar to the one Robin Roberts received at the end of last year, when she a signed a deal rumored to be worth between $10 and 14 million.

Elliott isn't looking for that kind of money; he just wants "an equally significant bump in salary."

ABC confirmed through a spokesman that Elliott was indeed reworking his deal with the network, but didn't elaborate on the conditions of the negotiations (via New York Post):

"We are in negotiations with Josh. It is no surprise that there is a lot of interest from other networks. He is an important part of the GMA family, and we want him to stay part of the family."

Speaking of family: Robin Roberts and Amber Laign are rumored to be getting engaged following Roberts' making the relationship public earlier this year.

A friend close to the couple told Star that after all that Laign has done for her, Robin can't help but want to take things to the next level:

"There were days when Robin literally didn't have the strength to drink a glass of water, and Amber was there for her at Robin's Manhattan apartment, feeding her ice chips and wiping the perspiration from her forehead...Robin made sure Amber was totally comfortable about becoming a public person. The next step will be the announcement or their engagement--and then a glorious wedding. They're totally devoted to each other."

Roberts doesn't want to stop at just having a blushing bride, a source tells OK! that she wants the 2.5 kids too:

"Robin wants to make the most of her second chance at life. The plan is for Amber to carry the baby-and they've already picked the donor."

It amazing what you can do with a little money in your pocket.

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