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Robert Landfermann

REVIEW: Robert Landfermann, 'Night Will Fall,' Pirouet Records >>

Robert Landfermann's Pirouet debut introduces a new quintet who all coalesce around his compositional and instrumental prowess. 'Night Will Fall' doesn't even try to be accessible. It's challenging. You have to work at it. This could be a deterrent or it could be an adventure -- depending upon the listener's ear.

Berlin Philharmonic, Lang Lang Accidentally Tweets 'Congratulations' to Andris Nelsons

Lang Lang Tweets Congratulations to Boston's Andris Nelsons for Landing Berlin Philharmonic Gig >>

Perhaps a tweet misfire, Chinese pianist Lang Lang may have misspoke when he congratulated Andris Nelsons on his appointment with the Berlin Philharmonic. The orchestral world's own pope-naming, maybe, but we've been on our haunches awaiting the announcement regarding Berlin's forthcoming maestro. Having been delayed a handful of times only to result in a hung jury, it appears that the suits in Germany are milking the tension.

A Leisurely Performance of John Cage’s 'ASLSP' Lasts for 12 years...and Still Counting >>

A performance of 'ASLSP' began on September 5, 2001, John Cage’s 89th birthday, and is scheduled to last for 639 years. The next chord change will happen on October 5, 2013.

Enrico Nawarth

Richard Wagner's New 'Ring Cycle' at Bayreuth [PHOTOS] >>

Abendzeitung, a liberal evening tabloid in Munich, has published the first photos of the latest production of Richard Wagner's 'Der Ring des Nibelungen' at Bayreuth. And in our honest English opinion, they're pretty darn erstaunlich.

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